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Warehousing, Storage and Logistics Staff


Flint Warehousing has over 40 years of experience in warehousing and logistics solutions, particularly focussed on customized solutions for our clients.  Flint Warehousings’ solution leverages our existing warehouse and staff in Flint, MI to maximize our speed to implementation while minimizing the costs.

Transportation and Logistics Management


We currently manage shipments on behalf of our clients to provide a single point of contact for all their warehousing, storage and logistics needs. Our company is very financially stable with the ability to invest in our solutions to provide the best overall service to our clients

Warehousing and Storage in Flint, MI


We are the leading provider of value added warehousing solutions in the Flint, MI area. We provide custom logistics solutions for all our clients. We fit our clients needs versus our clients fitting into what we do. We currently manage over 70,000 square feet of warehouse space for multiple storage clients with access to immediate flex space, as needed.



Warehousing, Storage and Logistics Solutions

We provide a logistics solution that allows our clients to ship us truckload quantities of product that is optimized for cube to drive reduced line haul costs.  We break down those bulk shipments into smaller individual shipments or sequenced milk runs for final end user delivery.


Warehouse racking and storage

Whether it is bulk storage or racked storage.   We provide our clients a simple, low cost solution for all their warehousing and logistics needs.   We manage pallets, products and containers of all shapes and sizes. 


Truckload and LTL Solutions

We provide many of our clients a single source logistics solution for managing all their transportation needs in addition to their warehousing needs.  This allows for seamless communication and improved execution between all stakeholders in our clients supply chain.


Value Added Warehousing Solutions

We provide our warehousing clients with many customized, value added solutions based on their requirements.   Our clients sometimes have needs for kitting, consolidation, product inspection, sequencing, etc.  We work closely with each of our clients using a collaborative approach to solving for their logistics needs.


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